Why I'm Running

One morning as I was leaving for work and stepped out on my front porch, I saw potholes all along my street, heard police sirens going off, noticed my neighbor walking to a bus stop she says is a 15-minute walk from her house, and I could see trash that was blowing into the gutters.   Seeing all of this made me realize that WE deserve so much better.  So I began to think of what I wanted for our city and for my neighbors.  How do we become the Memphis where we can chase our biggest dreams?

As the next Mayor of Memphis who is from Memphis and for Memphis, I have the right experience to tackle these challenges.  My proven track record of working in the state legislature to secure investments for Memphis has shown that I have the vision and the energy to accomplish these big goals.  Are you ready for a better Memphis? Sign up to host a front porch conversation and support my campaign for Mayor!




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